Deliverable 3.2

First development and integration cycle of cloud infrastructure This deliverable corresponds to Task 3.2: First development and integration cycle of cloud infrastructure. It documents the cloud infrastructure that has been selected and implemented within the project. Building on D3.1, this deliverable focuses on the Gitlab source code management system, the Swift object store and OpenStack cloud compute infrastructure functionality. pdf

A Decentralized Trust-minimized Cloud Robotics Architecture

Alessandro Simovic, Ralf Kaestner and Martin Rufli International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2017 – Poster Track We introduce a novel, decentralized architecture facilitating consensual, blockchain-secured computation and verification of data/knowledge. Through the integration of (i) a decentralized content-addressable storage system, (ii) a decentralized communication and time stamping server, and (iii) a decentralized computation module, it enables a scalable, transparent, and semantically interoperable cloud robotics ecosystem, capable of powering the emerging internet of robots. Paper (.pdf)   Poster (.pdf)