OREOS: Oriented Recognition of 3D Point Clouds in Outdoor Scenarios

Lukas Schaupp, Mathias Buerki, Renaud Dube, Roland Siegwart, and Cesar Cadena

IEEE/RJS Int. Conference on Intelligent RObots and Systems (IROS) 2019

We introduce a novel method for oriented place recognition with 3D LiDAR scans. A Convolutional Neural Network is trained to extract compact descriptors from single 3D LiDAR scans. These can be used both to retrieve near-by place candidates from a map, and to estimate the yaw discrepancy needed for bootstrapping local registration methods. We employ a triplet loss function for training and use a hard negative mining strategy to further increase the performance of our descriptor extractor. In an evaluation on the NCLT and KITTI datasets, we demonstrate that our method outperforms related state-of-the-art approaches based on both data-driven and handcrafted data representation in challenging long-term outdoor conditions.

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