Empty Cities: Image Inpainting for a Dynamic-Object-Invariant Space

Berta Bescos, Jose Neira, Roland Siegwart, and Cesar Cadena

IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2019

In this paper we present an end-to-end deep learning framework to turn images that show dynamic content, such as vehicles or pedestrians, into realistic static frames. This objective encounters two main challenges: detecting all the dynamic objects, and inpainting the static occluded background with plausible imagery. The former challenge is addressed by the use of a convolutional network that learns a multiclass semantic segmentation of the image. The second problem is approached with a conditional generative adversarial model that, taking as input the original dynamic image and its dynamic/static binary mask, is capable of generating the final static image. These generated images can be used for applications such as augmented reality or vision-based robot localization purposes. To validate our approach, we show both qualitative and quantitative comparisons against other state-of-the-art inpainting methods by removing the dynamic objects and hallucinating the static structure behind them. Furthermore, to demonstrate the potential of our results, we carry out pilot experiments that show the benefits of our proposal for visual place recognition.

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